Adaptive Swim Program

The Adaptive Swim Program is a collaboration between the RARITAN BAY AREA YMCA and the Perth Amboy Board of Education Special Services. Students from the Dr. Herbert N. Richardson School piloted the first adaptive swim program for aquatic therapy and water safety. The goal of this program is to provide students with the skills and confidence to participate in aquatic activities and gain basic knowledge of water safety in case of an emergency. Research has shown learners with disabilities benefit academically from aquatic therapy in that they are more focused and are better able to regulate emotions.

Through aquatic skill development and therapy, student population of children with severe needs will develop a multitude of skills that will afford them a richer experience in not only education but also enhance their quality of life. Now, students will be able to develop Occupational and Physical Therapy related goals outlined in their IEPs including building core and full body strength/mobility/flexibility, grip strength, and breathe regulation.

For more information about the Adaptive Swim Program, please contact the Aquatics Department at 732.442.3632 Ext. 6516.


Message from the educators and participants: