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2018 Member Annual Campaign

Published 02.01.18

One of the most enjoyable parts of being part of the RARITAN BAY AREA YMCA is the opportunity to interact with so many different members of our community every day. Regardless of where people grew up or what they are doing today, just about everyone has a “Y story.” Each one is a little different (including learning to swim; camps and youth sports; afterschool programs; serving as volunteers and mentors; finding ways to get healthy as a family, and much more), but at its core, all experiences are reminders of the Y’s place in our community. In short, the Y understands that its collective success is rooted in our communities and our mission is to bring us together, to make us better as individuals, communities and as a nation.

It often feels like we live in a time that defines us by our differences; but the ties that bind us together—while frayed—are not broken. Our community is more diverse than you might think—whether it be age, gender, race, religion, ability or something else—and many of us have different backgrounds and experiences that help form our worldview. What we don’t realize (or we sometimes forget) is that understanding different points and experiences helps make us all stronger.

“Us” is the national embodiment of what we’ve always done here at the Y. Our goal, along with Ys across the United States, is to show our communities the power of “Us.” Our hope is that “Us” not only educates people about the role the Y plays in strengthening communities, but also reinforces the positive, collective change we can make happen when we put aside our differences and work together for the greater good.

Regardless of where or how you’re involved, I challenge all members of our community to find something you care about and make it better. During the month of February, we will hold various fundraising activities to support our cause. We cordially invite you to join us! Start your own Y story, continue to grow and evolve your existing Y experience, or give back through the Y. Stop by the Y, visit our website at or call 732.442.3632.

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