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Our Mission
The mission of the Division of Integrative Medicine at Raritan Bay Medical Center is to provide holistic treatment to patients who desire an integrative approach to their health care.  We offer a variety of traditional and complementary therapies to assist patients in accessing their self-healing abilities and to promote optimal wellness of mind-body-spirit.

The New Standard of Care
Progress is not only achieved by moving forward, but also looking back. Indeed, state-of-the-art health care has been redefined by combining the latest medical advances with ancient modes of therapy. Called integrative medicine, this approach to healthcare is rapidly becoming the new standard for Raritan Bay Medical Center and other hospitals on the cutting edge.  How so?  It introduces broader possibilities for healing and nurturing the body, mind and spirit.
Over the last 15 years, Western doctors have recognized a true connection between traditional care that focuses on the body, such as surgery and medicines, and techniques geared toward emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness. The idea is to treat the whole person, not just the disease.  And as more health care providers climb on board, the results are beginning to shine.
Researchers affirm the positive impact of many complementary therapies that have been around for centuries, including acupuncture, guided imagery and massage. Studies conclude that an integrated philosophy of care can boost one’s immune system, alleviate stress and anxiety, reduce pain, and help individuals fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses.
Raritan Bay Medical Center’s Division of Integrative Medicine joins hospitals around the country, and the world, in offering a host of new options for balancing the science and art of medical practice – and achieving optimal health.

A Growing Trend
Once outside the accepted boundaries of care, integrative medicine has gained increased respect as a vital, valuable component of health services – by practitioners and patients alike. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a division of the National Institutes of Health, was established to research the safety and effectiveness of complementary and alternative modalities (CAM), while major universities and medical schools are training physicians in CAM therapies.
Today nearly three-fourths of the U.S. population has expressed an interest in complementary medicine.  Accordingly, the American Hospital Association (AHA) reports that the percentage of U.S. hospitals providing such services has more than doubled in less than a decade. Hospitals have recognized their role in the healing process and have given patients more opportunities to participate in their care and enrich their health and well-being.

The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
Clinical studies support the mind-body-spirit connection, demonstrating numerous benefits associated with integrative medicine.  Complementary modalities are linked to such outcomes as:

     -  Pain Control

     -  Improved emotional state, which helps the body ward off disease and infection

     -  Reduced nausea, fatigue, muscle tension and other physiological symptoms

     -  Less stress and anxiety, which can lower blood pressure and enhance immune system

     -  Smoking cessation

     -  Improved mood and outlook

     -  Better quality of life

Additional research is exploring the potential of integrative medicine in managing, preventing and even reversing certain diseases. 

A Range of Treatments
Raritan Bay Medical Center offers a wide array of integrative treatments to patients, the community and staff.  All services are provided under the guidance of a board certified physician and administered by qualified, credentialed practitioners trained in various realms of expertise.  Inpatient and outpatient programs are available free of charge or for a nominal fee.
Options include the following energy-based, manipulative and mind-body methods:

Acupuncture – a group of procedures designed to restore the body’s natural balance through the stimulation of certain points on the body, usually accomplished with very thin needles that penetrate the skin or by using heat, massage, or electrical means.  Raritan Bay Medical Center is one of the few medical centers in New Jersey with a physician acupuncturist on staff.

Massage – a method of applying slow, firm or gentle strokes to the skin and muscles to relieve tension, restore function and alleviate pain.  Practitioners specialize in rejuvenating massage, Swedish massage, sports massage and other techniques.

Energy Medicine (W.I.S.E. method) – a practice that uses gentle hand placements to balance subtle energies in the body.  This helps strengthen the immune system and supports health and healing.

Reflexology – a system of applying pressure and massage to various points on the hands and feet to relieve pain and stress while restoring the body’s natural balance and well-being.

Reiki – a technique originated in Japan based on the concept of optimizing the body’s “universal life force energy” to promote relaxation, healing and well-being.

Tai Chi/Qigong – a system of gentle exercises practiced slowly and evenly for wonderful wellness benefits. This method can be enjoyed by all, regardless of age, sex, or fitness level.

Guided Imagery – a practice of listening to recordings of music and words to create calm, peaceful images that promote relaxation, ease pain and reduce stress.  This can be achieved through CDs and/or instructors.

Additionally, Raritan Bay Medical Center offers many complementary services and amenities that support an integrated approach to care, such as:

     -  Nutrition counseling and classes

     -  Hand massage

     -  Music therapy

     -  Scented lotions and flavored teas

     -  Wellness programs

     -  Pet therapy (through the hospital’s volunteer services dept.)

Discover the Benefits Yourself

To learn more about the Raritan Bay Medical Center’s integrative medicine programs, schedule an appointment, or obtain an upcoming calendar of events, please call the Division of Integrative Medicine at 732.442.3700, ext. 5861.

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